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RSS Blog & RSS News
Huge Advertising Growth Predicted in RSS, Blogs and Podcasting

According to the Direct Marketing Association:

Combined spending on blog, podcast and RSS advertising bolted 198.4 percent to $20.4 million in 2005, and is expected to grow another 144.9 percent to $49.8 million in 2006, according to exclusive research released earlier this month by PQ Media, a custom media research firm.

But podcast advertising – nonexistent until 2004 – is expected to be a larger market than blog advertising by 2010, according to “Blog, Podcast and RSS Advertising Outlook,” the first of five installments in PQ Media's Alternative Media Research series.  

Complete Article

General Motors Blog

GM, the embattled automaker, launched an employee blog last week and announced that it would not shy away from controversy.

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Google Paranoia or Cause for Concern?

Anti-Google sentiment is on the rise. Web pundits have tossed around monopoly theories and privacy advocates have warned of a day of reckoning. While Google has made friends on Wallstreet, it has disappointed the technical evangelists who were once its fiercest followers. Google has grown into a big scary company and web watchers are expressing their concerns about the information Google gleans from their various services.

Google Paranoia, Or Cause for Concern?

Electronic Frontier Foundation Concerned About Law Changes

Congress appears to be awash in dangerous trademark and copyright bills. One is H.R. 683, "The Trademark Dilution Revision Act," a revision to the trademark laws that includes a little-noticed change that will put those who want to poke fun at big brands in jeopardy.

Changes Outlined

The RSS Ad Wars are On

Syndicate IQ, a leading provider of syndication management services, today announced the first RSS ad serving platform that uniquely delivers ads when and where online content is accessed.

Stuart Watson, CTO and founder, explains "We can now deliver ads within RSS readers regardless of which article an individual subscriber is viewing and which reader he or she is using. Currently, subscribers use different readers, making it difficult to get ads delivered.

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Pheedo Is Launching Do It Yourself Ad Tracking

Pheedo is expected to unveil a new product that allows Web site publishers to insert and track advertisements in their RSS feeds.

The long and the short of it is with "Ads for Feeds", publishers host a piece of Pheedo code on their own Web sites, and that code inserts ads and tracks the advertisements. The more extensive, expensive version, now called "Ads For Feeds+," redirects the feed through Pheedo's own servers, allowing for more data to be collected.

Additional Members of Advisory Board

The RSS Advisory Board has two new members: Jason Shellen, the product manager of Google Reader, and Jake Savin, the lead developer at UserLand Software.

Sphere New Blog Search

According to Search Engine Watch:

A new blog search startup called Sphere is launching today, with a different approach to finding content in the blogosphere. Sphere's creators are veterans of several internet startups who've applied the lessons they've learned from previous companies (Oddpost, Wordpress and others) to build a powerful, but easy-to-use blog search engine, with a number of interesting twists.

Looks like its still in beta and the launch has been delayed.

RSS Professional Roundtable

Another meeting of the minds for RSS professionals is scheduled April 27, 2006 in San Francisco. Bill Flitter from Pheedo will be hosting the roundtable and the goal is to address key industry issues that are preventing business
adoption of RSS. Below are the high-level issues that will be covered.
-  Lack of standardized RSS metrics
-  Lack of presentable case studies and best practices
-  IRSS mass syndication
-  Actual RSS penetration
-  Rich-media advertising

Additional Details on RSS Roundtable

New Version of RSS Submit

ksoft has released version 2.0 of RSS Submit, an RSS feed management and promotion utility, for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

New features of RSS Submit include: an integrated feed preview window, which can speed up targeting feeds towards a specific topic. By highlighting a feed in the software, users can preview content, receive total word counts of each feed item, and view the top 3 keywords used; integrated FeedBurner traffic statistics are designed to keep users updated with the exact number of current subscribers to their feeds, letting them know which feeds are doing the best; and RSS Submit's feed promotion supports both RSS and podcast directories.

The combined method of automatic submission and auto-filling Web page forms is designed to help users gain more subscribers.

Registered users of RSS Submit can unlock additional RSS directories and receive upgrades to the latest version at no charge.

FeedSky is Equivalent to a Japanese FeedBurner

FeedSky is a Beijing startup that provides feed management service for bloggers, and webmasters. The services offered are similar to those provided by FeedBurner. FeedSky turns any valid RSS or Atom feed into a FeedSky hosted feed

75,000 New Blogs Every Day

According to Dave Sifry from Technorati the blogosphere is still doubling every six months. There aer approximately 75,000 new blogs every day. I still think RSS is and always be much bigger than blogs.

How many new RSS feeds are there everyday?

Microsoft is Building a Feed Directory

Microsoft is constructing a feed directory in their lab section. Customers can navigate the directory using categories or they can conduct keyword searches to locate relevant RSS feeds.

What Can You Do With RSS?

Robin Good posted a fantastic article about RSS and its various uses.

While the popularized geek use for RSS is generally considered to be exclusively limited to the realm of publishing and subscribing to news headlines and blog feeds, many other innovative and useful applications of RSS have been sprouting here and there.

Whether it is for business, marketing, PR, competitive intelligence or for security protection, video entertainment or tracking downloads for your newest product, RSS is a breakthrough technology which can truly be applied to thousands of possible applications.

What Can You Do With RSS

RSSpect A new Concept

According to their website:

RSSPECT is a brand new way to approach syndicating your content online.

With RSSPECT, all you have to do is add some markup tags to your website, and you can be syndicating your content instantly. There's no fees, no programming, and no hassle. You don't have to install any software, and you can create as many feeds as you want. We take the sucky parts out of RSS.

We'll check your website automatically, and when there's new content, it'll be added to your RSS feed. You control what gets added to the feed and what doesn't. And you can always log in to add, update, or delete posts by hand, if you want. You have complete control.

Newspapers Sign on To Syndicated Blogs - What About Credibility?

A syndication service that delivers commentary from 600 bloggers for use by newspaper publishers is set to launch on Tuesday, further blurring the lines that divide blogs and mainstream media.

BlogBurst, as the service from blog technology company Pluck Corp. is known, includes headlines and articles for use by newspaper publishers in the news or feature sections of their online services, as well as print editions.

Complete Article

RSS Appreciation Day Proposal

All of us who use RSS daily and love it should encourage those around us to use feeds. What if we made Monday, May 1 RSS Appreciation Day?

WebProNews Proposes RSS Appreciation Releases RSS Reader
04/05/2006 released its own RSS reader on Monday, named NewsPoint. A free download, the application will come with preloaded content from and the Blog Network.

RSS Board Advocating Atom

So much for the RSS Advisory Board - Rogers Cadenhead recently made this blog post that includes:

"Though I no longer pimp RSS, I'm still serving on the RSS Advisory Board."

The post goes on to say "I have switched" meaning that he is now using Atom.  

A Google search shows:
RSS -  3,500,000,000
Atom - 349,000,000 (and that includes mollecular atom searches)

Doesn't look like the rest of the world is switching. My question is why remain on a board, where you advocate another standard? How is that helpful?

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