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RSS Blog & RSS News
RSS Tools - New Resource

A new resource website RSS Tools has been launched. The new website contains lots of information and resources related to RSS.

In particular the section on setting up RSS Ego Search Feeds is quite good.  

RSS Does Not Make it Okay to Copy

Just because something is in an RSS feed does not give publishers the right to steal content. Most people who have content in a feed do allow for the feed to be replicated but that is not always the case.

It appears that Robert Scoble has just shut down CrazyFactor a site that was ripping his feed.

To read more about RSS and the ongoing copyright debate and RSS.

New RSS2HTML Script

A new version of the free rss2html script that converts RSS feeds to HTML web pages has been released. The new version includes the ability to restrict the use of the rss2html.php script.

Affiliate Feeds

The AvantLink Affiliate Network announced today the release of their Coupon Feed Syndication tool, the first of several advanced Affiliate marketing tools that allows online marketers to promote RSS subscriptions to merchant promotions. AvantLink has provided Affiliate RSS feeds for the distribution of merchant offers for several months, but this tool takes it one step further. Now Affiliates can encourage their customers to subscribe directly to these offers.

Review of RSS and Atom

I recently received a review copy of RSS and Atom, Understanding and Implementing Content Feeds and Syndication . The book is extremely comprehensive and covers all the versions of RSS (2.0, 1.1, 1.0, .9x) as well as Atom 1.0. It is not however written for 'end-users' as it is very technical. The book also includes information about many of the older namespace extensions.

Robin Good Says RSS Saves Money and Time

Do RSS aggregators offer a true opportunity for news discovery, significant time savings and even for money-oriented RSS business opportunities?

Read the How and Why

RSS Directories Reaching Niches

More and more niche directories for RSS feeds and podcasting are cropping up.

Real Estate Directories
Realty Feeds - directory of real estate feeds and podcasts
MLPodcasts - directory of realty podcasts
RealtyFeedSearch - search for real estate feeds

Religious Feeds (from Podcasting Tools)
Religious Podcasts - podcasts for all faiths.
GODcasts1000 - large collection of christian audio and video podcasts.
Church Podcasts - christian podcasts.

Medical Feeds - medical and health RSS feeds and podcasts

Financial Investing - financial and investment RSS feeds

Security Protection - directory of all feeds related to security and alerts.

SportsPodcasts - directory of sports podcasts.

Let me know if you know of other niche directories!

Social Bookmarking and RSS

Social bookmarking and RSS are partners in search marketing. Create icons and insert them into your webpage to encourage your website visitors to bookmark your content. Or merely add the icons of your favorite bookmarking vendor to your website.

RSS Icon Gallery

If you don't feel like customizing an RSS feed icon, and want to add RSS badges to your site the RSS Icon Gallery has a whole host of badges and the corresponding HTML that can be inserted in your webpage.

Create RSS Feeds

Create RSS Feeds - Learn how RSS feeds are being used as marketing tools.

Package Tracking With Google Maps and RSS

Enter a UPS, FedEx, USPS, or DHL/AirBorne tracking number and a feed will be generated to track the shipments progress.

Track Shipping

How to Improve RSS Feeds

More tips on how to improve RSS feeds:

RSS feeds are a great communication medium, and when properly managed, web feeds can bring in significant Internet traffic. RSS feeds should contain compelling themed content with episodic titles that are united in common broad theme. Use RSS feeds as an online marketing and search engine optimization tool. Just as optimizing an HTML web page will increase exposure, so too will an RSS feed that is properly optimized and promoted. Use these simple tips to improve your web feed exposure.

How to improve RSS Feeds

Make RSS Feeds

The Make RSS Feeds website walks users through the process of hand-coding RSS feeds.  With the number of malformed feeds out there perhaps it should have more traffic :-)

Microsoft Responds to RSS Security Concerns

You might have read the c|net article "Blog feeds may carry security risk" which summarizes the presentation given by Robert Auger and Caleb Sima of SPI Dynamics. The presentation points to potential dangers of malicious script embedded in feeds. This has sparked some discussion in the community.

We think it's good for the RSS community and users that the potential dangers of malicious script in feeds are pointed out and thereby can be addressed by application developers before any attacks materialize.

Read about Feed Sanitization

New Microsoft Tool for Blogging in Beta

Microsoft has released a first public beta of a new blog-authoring tool, Windows Live Writer, and made it available for download starting on August 13.

According to J.J. Allaire, the architect of the tool, Windows Live Writer is the evolution of Onfolio Writer, a tool developed by his former company Onfolio Inc., which Microsoft acquired in March 2006.

Top RSS Feeds

Userland lists the top 100 RSS feeds from statistics and information about your community of Radio users.


There are 2 services that convert RSS feeds to PDF files.

With you can create a PDF of your RSS-feed. User see the headlines in their Adobe Reader instead of using an RSS-Reader. converts RSS, Atom or OPML files to PDF files.

This Rabbit Reads RSS Feeds

This rabbit reads RSS feeds. It uses a Wi-Fi connection and text-to-speech software to read things like RSS feeds, e-mails and weather reports out loud.

Access Namespace Comments

Bloglines had posted an access namespace a few weeks ago. The blogosphere has been in a bit of an uproar ever since.  The sentiment behind the namespace is great, however the implementation has some significant issues.

The first problem is where the tag is placed. The tag placement is a little unusual in that it is defined outside of both the Channel and Item elements and while the RSS specification does not specifically forbid this it is the only namespace that I know of that has this sort of implementation. (Make a note to add this to any best practice documents.)

The second problem is that there are only two options deny and allow. While many publishers do not want their feed syndicated they still want it included in RSS directories or search engines (many of which display atleast a portion of the feeds contents). A deny means that even directories could exclude them, perhaps some publishers want this, others may not. So while I appreciate the sentiment behind the namespace I think it needs some additional thought.

Best RSS Blogs

According to Marjolein Hoekstra of CleverClogs the following RSS feeds are the best on the block. A number of RSS Specification feeds were included:

RSS Blog
RSS Articles
RSS Podcast

Great choices!

New RSS2HTML Template Directory

New RSS2HTML template directory !  This is pretty cool, it helps people who use the rss2html.php script display their feeds in a way that corresponds with their existing website. Publishers purchase access to the rss2html web template directory for a one time fee of $ 29.95 and they can use any of the templates contained in the directory.

More Information on the rss2html Template Directory

Google Lists Most Common Feed Extensions

Google has created a list that seems to other posted lists of the most commonly used RSS feed extsions.

Feeds can be used for more than just text; they can embed pictures, podcasts and video. There are even more esoteric bits of data that can be attached to feeds, like the geographic location that a post is about, the number of comments it has received and that (legal) license its contents are available under. To make all of this information easily parseable by computers, it is usually available as additional items and attributes in XML namespaces.

Ultimately the results are going to be skewed based on where you gather the feed sampling.
See Google's List of Extentionsthe content behind the extensions.

FeedDemon Responds to Security Concerns

Nick Bradbury (while on vacation) posted a lengthy explanation about the reported security breeches in FeedDemon.

SPI Dynamics contacted us several weeks ago about potential vulnerabilities in FeedDemon, and I'd like to thank them for notifying us prior to their presentation. I spent quite a bit of time testing FeedDemon to make sure it wasn't vulnerable to any of the exploits they reported, and thankfully the only vulnerability I discovered was a minor one: specifically, a JavaScript alert embedded in a feed's title element could be displayed by FeedDemon in certain situations. This bug was fixed the same day it was discovered.

FeedDemon is not vulnerable to any of the more serious exploits they reported - so you can imagine my surprise at seeing news reports which listed FeedDemon among the vulnerable RSS readers. Because of this, I'd like to take a few minutes to go over some of FeedDemon's security features.

Complete Response

New Medical Feeds Directory

A new directory containing all medical and health feeds has been launched. The directory contains all different types of medical feeds that contain information related to diseases, medical conditions and good health practices. The Medical Feeds directory is also searchable using keywords.

RSS for Hackers?

Internet News released an article insinuating that RSS is a tool for hackers.

Auger tested both Web-based and local RSS readers and found both types to be ripe platforms for malicious users to exploit with code injection that could steal users' credentials, cookies, keystrokes and other information.

Ultimately the developers of the RSS tools will determine whether RSS can be used effectively by hackers. This issue was raised in the past by Nick Bradbury (FeedDemon) and addressed in this article about RSS Security.

A License for Libel

This article is very interesting and addresses an interesting issue. Note only is online credibility an issue but libel is a problem as well.

From rants about the rich and famous to accusations about a corporation's shady practices, opinion is certainly well represented on the Web. Many people feel free to post comments anonymously, confident that the targets of their ire can't trace them through Internet service providers (ISPs).

In most cases, they're right. Laws governing the Internet generally protect ISPs more than they do companies or individuals that might be maligned. Comments that could be considered libel in newspapers or magazines often flow freely online.

Complete Article

NewsGator Partners with Yahoo

NewsGator Technologies, Inc., the leading RSS platform company, announced a new RSS plug-in for the Yahoo! Messenger with Voice real-time communications suite. NewsGator for Yahoo! Messenger with Voice allows users to access audio and video podcasts as well as other content from around the Web through an IM interface.

Claims that Internet is Cess Pool of Plagiarism

Steve McKee, a partner at Albuquerque advertising agency McKee Wallwork Cleveland, found that out in June after he wrote his monthly column for

The column, entitled "Five Words Never to Use in an Ad," was one of his more popular pieces. A search revealed that 36 blogs had picked it up and posted it to their sites, something that is usually considered to be fair use in the blogosphere. However, to McKee's annoyance, 13 of those took credit for writing it as their original prose.
"They're like cockroaches," McKee said.

Complete Article

New RSS Knowledgebase

A new RSS Knowledgebase with daily questions and answers related to: RSS, podcasting, videocasting, namespaces, iTunes, MediaRSS, and XML are posted.

View the Knowledgebase or grab the RSS Knowledgebase Feed.

3-D RSS Icon

I found the following RSS forum post very interesting. This icon designer created a 3-D version of a common RSS icon to promote his services.

- RSS Specification Feed created by FeedForAll

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