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RSS Specifications

About this Site

This site is a comprehensive rss reference detailing everything you need to know about RSS.

RSS is defined as Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. RSS files are formed as XML files and are designed to provide content summaries of news, blogs, forums or website content.

Users select the rss feeds (content) they wish to subscribe. The feeds are generally simple headlines and brief descriptions if the user is interested they can click to see additional information.

please feel free to contact us to suggest any additional rss resources or rss categories.


Today's RSS Specification Blog Post

3 Social Media Stocks That Beat the Pandemic

Social distancing measures amid the coronavirus pandemic have been rather difficult for everyone. While people remain locked indoors, social media companies offer huge respite from boredom that often becomes unbearable.

These companies have not only welcomed new users over the past couple of months but also have taken many steps to ensure engagement and good browsing experience. Let us thus take a look at how these companies have performed since the pandemic broke out and the factors likely to push them ahead.

3 Social Media Stocks That Gained Despite the Odds

Topping the list of social media companies are Facebook, Inc. FB, Twitter, Inc. TWTR and Snap Inc. SNAP that have fared well during the pandemic. Shares of these three giants have returned decently so far this year and year-over-year revenue growth impressed in recently released results.

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