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RSS Auto Discovery

Nick Bradbury does a good job summarizing RSS auto discovery practices and mentions that auto-discovery is now commonplace. For webmasters struggling consider using this free autodiscovery code generator. It basically does the work for you!

RSS Component Available Free of Charge

An RSS VCL Control and ActiveX components makes it simple for software developers to communicate with users from within your software application! Integrate the RSS components into your application, to communicate with users. Use standard RSS feeds and provide users. All you have to do is add the component to your existing project. Set the URL to your RSS feed, and let it do the rest. You can then ask the control for types of information from your RSS feed. Send sales messages, tech support tips and notify users of new releases and product launches. The RSS Component is now available free of charge. Simply contact the manufacturers and you will receive an unlock code free of charge.

Attempting to Categorize 1 Million Feeds

This website claims to be attempting to categorize 1 million feeds. The categories are a little obscure but I like the web snapshots and the search appears to work well.

CNET Debates Who Fathered Blogs

Blogs are 10 years old, and CNET decided to dig into the origin of the blog. Interesting exchange:

Was the first blogger the irascible Dave Winer? The iconoclastic Jorn Barger? Or was the first blogger really Justin Hall, a Web diarist and online gaming expert whom The New York Times Magazine once called the "founding father of personal blogging"? Or did all three merely make incremental improvements on earlier proto-blogs?

CNet article on Origin of Blogs

Profiting From Podcasts

Podcasts started out as fun ways for ambitious garage DJs, independent musicians and talk show hosts, who had not ventured into radio broadcasting as a way to show their stuff and make a name for themselves. What started as a hobby for many, has turned into a lucrative profession for some.

Not surprisingly, podcasters, just like radio stations, have looked for ways to profit from their on-air dialogue.

Profiting from Podcasts

FeedYes on the Market

The FeedYes website is being auctioned off. The current confirmed high bid is $ 24,000. Details on the FeedYes website are available on the auction page.

Please Your RSS Subscribers

Starting an RSS feed or is not difficult to attract readers, it is however difficult to retain readers. By following a few simple unwritten rules you will find your subscriber base swell.

Please Your RSS Subscribers

Syndicating the Presidency

This site has taken an interesting approach aggregating all the presidential candidate feeds side by side for a comparison.

How is each presidential candidate using blogs? Take a side-by-side peek at what the 2008 presidential campaigns are talking about. Missing candidates aren't a political statement; these are the only candidates that offer content syndication.


RSS Scripts Updated

Get the latest RSS Scripts, new versions are available:

RSS2HTML - free PHP script for dipslaying RSS feeds as HTML web pages.

RSS Cache - module to speed up the display of RSS feed items.

RSS2HTML Pro - expands the functionality of RSS2HTML by allowing publishers and webmasters to dynamically create an index of feed items.

RSSMesh - merge multiple RSS feeds into a single feed.

FutureRSS - dipslays only current RSS feed items.

SQL2RSS - create RSS feeds from an MySQL database.

RSS2SQL - create a database from RSS feeds.

Podcasting Do's and Don'ts

Consider following these simple podcasting tips to get the most from your podcast and make it stand out from other podcasts in the crowd.

Podcasting Do's and Don'ts

Blogging Glossary

Terms to assist bloggers with their lingo:

Blog - A contraction for web log. Personal blogs are typically thought of as an online journal or diary. Businesses have adopted blogs as a means to communicate with their customers.

Blog Comment - Often website visitors can add comments related to a blog post. The comments are visible to others reading the website.

Blogger - The person responsible for writing the copy found in the blog.

Blog Post - A single entry in a blog.

Comment Spam - Often blog comments include URLs, as a result spammers will often post blog comments in an effort to boost the incoming links to their websites. Comment spam often make no sense and the comments are simply a product plug.

Feed - A synonym for RSS feeds. A feed contains information that is delivered using a syndication standard, known as Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a subset of XML, and the information is delivered using a specific format that is defined by the RSS protocol.

Permalink - References a permanent link to the content. The URL does not change when the information is archived.

Ping - A procedure for letting websites know that information in your blog or RSS feed has been updated.

Podcast - An RSS feed that includes an audio (or video) file in the enclosure field.

Podcaster - An individual that records and creates a podcast.

Podcasting - The act of creating a podcast.

RSS Feeds - A feed contains information that is delivered using a syndication standard, known as Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a subset of XML, and the information is delivered using a specific format that is defined by the RSS protocol.

Trackback - A procedure for notifying the original blog poster that you have referred to their blog post in another blog.

Podcast Recording Tips

Location, Location, Location
When you are producing a podcast on a regular basis it is important that you select an appropriate location for the recording to take place. The location should be free of external distractions and relatively quiet. It is easiest if you use the same location each time, that way the equipment can remain in place and will not require moving or setup each time you produce a show.

The room should have a carpet or furniture that will absorb echoes and dampen the sound. The room should also have a door, so that you will not have unexpected interruptions. Reduce extraneous noise by turning off fans or any equipment. Consider hanging a note on the door, so that you will not be disturbed while recording.

Recording Away from Home
When taking your podcast on the road it is equally important that the quality of the podcast is not compromised for the sake of portability. Consider using a directional microphone or finding a quiet alcove for interviews when on the road.

Podcast Recording Tips

RSS Tools

Learn how to use the power of RSS as part of your marketing. RSS is becoming increasing popular. The reason is fairly simple. RSS is a free and easy way to promote a site and its content without the need to advertise or create complicated content sharing partnerships.

Find RSS Tools

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