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RSS Blog & RSS News
Errors in Feeds

GoogleReader posted an interesting summary of common errors in RSS feeds. There are lots of tools available to create rss feeds, and even tools like FeedForAll that will fix malformed feeds, so I really don't understand why they are seeing such a large percentage of improperly formed RSS feeds.

No Index Extension for RSS

As a result of roundtable discussions at the recent Syndicate Conference, Greg Reinacker has proposed a namespace extension that would indicate feeds should not be indexed. This would address the issue of personalized feeds. The namespace proposal is very straight forward and makes perfect sense.

More on Greg's No Index Proposal

Podcasting Blog

While this site is focussed on all aspects of RSS, the podcasting blog focus' on RSS feeds with audio content in the enclosure field. If you are interested in exploring the world of podcasting Podcasting Tools is a good place to start.

Microsoft Ups Stakes In RSS Race

Companies that offer RSS reader products and services are now in a race against time, as Microsoft prepares RSS functionality within Outlook.

I think NewsGator is positioned to really challenge Microsoft for the space but it will be interesting to watch the outcome. Of course Microsoft could just purchase NewsGator and head to market faster...

RSS Cases Blog

Rok Hrastnik has announced a content addition for Marketing Studies. RSS Cases is written by Raj Kumar Dash and will provide RSS technology advice, to help you understand RSS technology issues and explain different RSS business cases.

RSS Best Blogs Nomination

The RSS Specification Blog was nominated on KbCafe's list of best RSS blogs!  We're honored to be included in the list. Voting is open until New Years Eve.

2006 Year of RSS

From USA Today -

RSS will become the biggest thing since ...

The Web browser? Beanie Babies? Salt? Hard to say yet. But there is no shortage of effusiveness about Real Simple Syndication, or RSS — software code used to deliver news stories, blogs and other items via the Internet to your computer screen on readers such as My Yahoo or NewsGator. The prediction is that RSS will become the primary way everyone accesses stuff on the Web.

"We believe 2006 is the year of RSS," says Mark Carlson, CEO of RSS company SimpleFeed. Adds author and consultant Steve Waite, "RSS is likely to take off in 2006 and could well displace e-mail as the killer app on the Net."

Another New RSS Directory

nFeeds is another new RSS Feed directory. What I don't understand is on the submission page why do you have to fill out all the details? Why can't the directories extract that information from the RSS feed?

Would certainly simplify the submission process.

New Automotive RSS Feed Directory

Automotive Links is an RSS directory specifically for auto related RSS Feeds. Similar to Finance Investing and Security Protection , topic specific RSS feed directories are becoming more popular.

Apple Program Supports Microsoft Simple List Extensions

FeedForAll Mac an application for Apple's to create, edit and publish RSS feeds now includes integrated support for Microsoft Simple List Extension. While FeedForAll Mac supports all RSS 2.0 namespaces, the program also currently has integrated support for the Apple iTunes namespace, Dublin Core, Syndication and Content namespaces as well. Ironically the Mac version has integrated support prior to the Windows version, which currently has rudimentary support for namespaces in the FeedForAll v2.0 beta.

According to the Press Release:

"Support for Microsoft Simple List Extensions has been added to FeedForAll Mac. FeedForAll Mac, a popular tool for creating, managing and publishing RSS feeds, now includes integrated support of the Microsoft's Simple List namespace."

"FeedForAll Mac has a built-in wizard that makes creating and maintaining the RSS feed and Simple List Extension easy. FeedForAll Mac currently has integrated support for the Apple iTunes, the Microsoft Simple Lists Extensions, and the Dublin Core namespace, making the management of those namespaces significantly easier."

Duke Alerts Users to Tech Updates

Another idea for RSS feeds -

Duke's Office of Information Technology (OIT) has developed an RSS feed to help keep the university community informed and updated about interruptions to technology services.

The Service Updates page is updated daily with service maintenances scheduled by OIT, in addition to unplanned outages. The announcements contain the name of the service; whether the interruption is planned or unplanned; start and end times; and an explanation of how the interruption affects users and where to go for more information.

Microsoft and FireFox Continuity

Microsoft will designate RSS feeds in the Internet Explorer 7 browser using the same orange icon that appears at the far right in the address bar of Firefox.

Pheedo Issues Quarterly Pheed Read Report Detailing RSS Usage Trends

Today at the Syndicate Conference, Pheedo, the RSS advertising and analytics experts, released its second in a series of "Pheed Read" reports, providing RSS publishers, advertisers and users insight into RSS usage patterns. The complete "Pheed Read" report is available on Pheedo's blog.

Pheedo's analysis is based on the activity on its network of advertisers and publishers.The following conclusions and analysis are based on traffic during Fall 2005. Study findings include:

-- Standalone RSS ads are far more successful than inline ads. A standalone RSS ad (the entire post is the advertisement) generates, on average, a 7.99% click-through rate (CTR) -- over nine times more clicks than an inline RSS ad (an advertisement within a publisher's post).

-- Placing RSS ads in every other post yields the highest percentage of click throughs. When ads are placed in every other feed post, users clicked on the ad 3.24% of the time. This is over three times more effective than placing an advertisement in every post in a feed, where the CTR is 1.04%.

-- RSS content and advertisement CTR varies significantly based on the day of the week. Contrary to earlier "Pheed Read" data, which showed peak CTR on Tuesday, Monday and Saturday have emerged as the days with the highest
CTR while Thursday and Friday show the lowest percentage.

-- Mid-week readership of RSS feeds highest. Consistent with the previous "Pheed Read" report, RSS readership rises
steadily at the beginning of the week, peaking on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then declines through the weekend. Average weekend readership is over 67% lower than average weekday readership.

-- RSS ads are outperforming similar Web ads. With traditional and rich-media online ads garnering CTR ranging from .20% to 1.17% CTR, according to a report by DoubleClick, standalone RSS ads, with an average CTR of 7.99%, are outperforming traditional online ads by a wide margin.

-- Bloglines leads RSS readers in market share. Bloglines is the most used RSS reader among Pheedo publisher subscribers, consistent with previous "Pheed Read" data. With 34% penetration, Bloglines overshadows Yahoo, NetNewsWire and Mozilla -- each with about 14% reader penetration.

The "Pheed Read" is released quarterly by Pheedo and details trends in RSS usage. In addition to the "Pheed Read," Pheedo provides capabilities that allow publishers to view detailed feed usage information about their feeds.

Target Gets the Point of RSS

Retailer giant Target has created an RSS feed that contains details from their weekly circular. The feed advertised to "get a jump on Sunday's paper" highlights the week's discounted items.

Reuters Selects FeedBurner to Deliver Global News and Advertising to RSS Subscribers

Reuters, the world's largest international multimedia news source, has selected FeedBurner, the leading feed management provider, to expand its delivery of text news via RSS subscriptions and to enable advertising within the feeds. Through its RSS service, Reuters global network of websites distribute relevant news updates to consumers. FeedBurner is providing Reuters with advanced services to manage its feeds in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan, to help it grow subscribers, reach new advertisers and to measure the circulation of its subscription feeds.

Top 10 RSS Sites

Top 10 RSS Internet Resources. RSS has become increasingly popular, the following resources are the top online resources for learning about RSS.

RSS Specifications
rss blog, general information and rss articles

RSS blog and chicklet generator

tutorials, free rss2html script and free button generator

RSS Compedium
list of resources

free hosting services

Harvard Law
specifications and RSS version history

Marketing Studies
educational blog and RSS articles

Lockergnome RSS Resource
long established blog

MNot RSS Tutorial
features and benefits tutorial

articles and history

Make RSS Feeds
instructional site

Feed of the Year Countdown

Feedster is conducting a feed countdown.

Since 2003, Feedster has selected a Feed of the Day to acknowledge an undiscovered blog or topical feed. The new Feed of the Year award was created to honor writers who have displayed continued excellence in blogging. A panel of independent judges reviewed each 2005 Feed of the Day and rated them for uniqueness, freshness, presentation, usability, and community.

I'm disappointed they are not recognizing non-blog feeds in the competition.  

Comedy Central RSS Feeds

Psssst! Get the best of Comedy Central delivered directly to you via RSS.'s new RSS feed lets you know when they have updated last night's Daily Show Headline video, your favorite show clips, read our Jokes of the Day and even see the latest entries on the Comedy Central Insider.

The Edublog Nominees for 2005 Have Been Announced

The nomines for the 2005 international Edublog Awards have been annouced. Over 60 nominations forms went into providing this year’s list – which gives a very good overview of the quality, diversity and scope of how blogs are being used to support and extend teaching, learning, and research, and to create and reinforce educational communities.

rss2html.php Script Updated

Convert your RSS feeds to spiderable HTML web pages. Free PHP script automatically updates each time the website is accessed.

More Info on free rss2html.php script

AOL Features MTV Feeds

AOL today announced that its video search engine will now feature RSS feeds from MTV Networks' programming services. Video content from the company's highly popular CMT, Comedy Central, Logo, MTV, MTV2, mtvU, The N, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, Nick Jr., Nicktoons, Noggin, Spike, TV Land and VH1 Web sites are now accessible through AOL's best-in-class video search engine available through the portal's Video On Demand , AOL Search  and on the AOL service.

In addition, Singingfish , one of the Web's premier video and audio search engines, and its network of search properties will also feature content from MTV Networks.

RSS Firms Put Money on Portland Tech Company

RSS Investors -- the newly-formed venture capital firm that is investing in all things related to really simple syndication has made its first investment. It joined with SmartForest Ventures to invest $9 million in Portland-based Attensa.

The folks at RSS Investors, which reportedly was looking to raise a $100 million fund, are obviously big believers in the Attensa technology.

Attensa, Inc. is developing an end-to-end RSS Network that automatically and intelligently delivers prioritized, relevant RSS information to anyone in the world and on any device.

Looks like Attensa is going after NewsGator's marketshare.

Monitoring and Tracking RSS

Measuring and tracking RSS while a fairly simple concept, is really anything but. Unlike websites, RSS have the added caveat of potential syndication, making accurate tracking a challenge to anyone but the extremely tech savvy.

It is not unrealistic for marketers to want to know how many subscribers they have, which items in their feeds attract the most interest, or how many click-throughs are generated as a result of an RSS feed.

There are a number of 3rd party providers who focus on tracking the consumption of RSS feeds. Some solutions are rudimentary but likely sufficient for a small business testing the waters with RSS. Other RSS tracking solutions are more complex and while they can come close to being accurate, with syndication there is no solution that tracks with 100% accuracy.

Monitoring and Tracking RSS Feeds

Murdoch Sees Gloom for Newspapers

Murdoch feels RSS and syndication is a threat to traditional newspapers.

The media magnate Rupert Murdoch predicted a gloomy future for newspapers, which he said are failing to adapt to the realities of the Internet.

Murdoch, whose global business interests include leading titles in London, New York and Sydney, said the traditional press and the Internet would exist side by side "for many, many years to come."

"There will always be room for good journalism and good reporting," he told Britain's media trade journal Press Gazette, but costs had been stripped to a bare minimum.

"They have already all stripped all the costs out, now they have to depend on advertising. And that is certainly under threat," he said.

Complete Article

Yahoo Takes Another RSS Step

Yahoo was set to unveil on Wednesday a new Really Simple Syndication feed alert service and integration of RSS feeds into its new Yahoo Mail beta, making the company the first to offer RSS in a major Web-based e-mail system.

The new RSS feed alert service will allow people to receive alerts via e-mail, instant message or SMS message, just as they currently can receive alerts for news stories about a specified topic, stock moves and game scores.

Playstation Adds RSS Support

Sony has released version 2.60 of the PlayStation Portable firmware in Japan and North America, expanding on the functionality of the console with the addition of features including WMA audio playback and RSS feed reading.

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