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Learn about the latest RSS Tools, Scripts and Software. The RSS Tools website contains a myriad of tools to manage and manipulate rss feeds and news feeds.

Measure Your Blog Juice

A new online tool a "Blog Juice Calculator" determines a blogs popularity. The Blog Juice Calculator compares the blogs number of BlogLines subscribers, the websites Alexa Ranking, Technorati rank and the number of  general links. The  Blog Juice Calculator is a free service from TextLinkAds.


Add a single button to your website and users can easily subscribe to your feed regardless of the feed reader or feed reading service that they use. Check out AddToAny.

Microsoft Responds to RSS Patent Application Hoopla

A lead programmer from Microsoft responded to the blogosphere's fury and anger over Microsoft's filing of RSS patents. Here are a few quotes:

First, these patents describe specific ways to improve the RSS end-user and developer experience (which we believe are valuable and innovative contributions) -- they do not constitute a claim that Microsoft invented RSS.

Applying for a patent on your innovation is common industry practice, and one which, by incenting and protecting the companies and people involved, encourages everyone to contribute to the community.

Complete Response

Business Week Stock Monitor

Business Week has announced a new tool that allows readers to monitor stocks using by creating RSS feeds. Try Business Week Feed Generator

Transparency and Blogs

PayPerPost has instituted a new policy that mandates bloggers must disclose that they are accepting payment, either in the write-up or in a general disclosure policy.

RSS Patent

Microsoft is being a bully. A little communication goes a long way.

Microsoft has filed applications for two patents related to RSS, a popular format for online distribution of news and blogs, leaving some well-known developers wondering about its intentions.

complete article

New RSS Software Beta Open

Checkout the latest beta test of FeedForAll. The latest beta includes a number of enhancements to the publishing feature. The enclosure and feed image can now be automatically uploaded with the RSS feed. The new beta also supports namespace extensions from iTunes to Media RSS.

Read More on the new RSS Software Beta

Link Love vs Link Bait

What is Link Love?
Link Love is all about quality. In order to achieve Link Love you must establish authority and credibility. Link Love is all about being a reputable source, often recipients of link love are the first to post breaking news that is vetted and accurate. Bloggers, webmasters and publishers reward sources they genuinely enjoy with link love.
Link Bait is often considered the evil step sister of Link Love.

What is Link Bait?
Link Bait is a hook. It is unique or even controversial content. Common sources of Link Bait include humorous items, accusations, controversy, or even implications. Link Bait is similar to 'shock and awe'; people cannot help but link because they are so intrigued (for good or bad). Link Bait often walks the line between acceptable and unacceptable.

Link Love vs Link Bait

Pheedo RSS Research

Pheedo conducted research of RSS adoption in the automotive industry and here are some of their conclusions:

- Automotive enthusiasts are adopting RSS at an alarming rate and are extremely active:
RSS feeds in general across all of Pheedo's categories are growing at a rate of 7% month over month - based on impressions. The auto category, however, has seen growth of 38% month over month, and more than 500% growth during the fourth quarter of 2006 to-date.

- Automotive content publishers prefer summary and headline feeds:
63% of auto publishers offer readers summary RSS feeds while the rest publish headline-only feeds. No auto publishers in the Pheedo network currently deliver their content via full-text RSS feeds.

- Auto enthusiasts prefer headline-only feeds:
Headline-only feeds garner a click-through rate (CTR) of 33% on content while summary feeds garner a 15% CTR.

- Yahoo! leads content aggregators among auto category readers:
The majority (52%) of RSS content readers across the automotive publishers in the Pheedo Network opt for Yahoo! RSS reader products, marking a departure from past Pheed Read data and trends in other content categories. Firefox placed second with 18% of the market share, while Bloglines, the top RSS reader in past Pheed Reads, came in well behind both with 7% market share.

- Auto category consumers are financially diverse and the vast majority are over the age of 35:
Demographic data from the auto category shows that readers vary significantly in their household income with four different income brackets holding around 20% of the total readership. Additionally, consumers over the age of 35 represent more than 75% of the auto category readership.

More on Pheedo

Blogs and Copyrights

Bloggers need to be very careful of the images they use in their blogs. Fair Use is acceptable but copyright infringement is not. A popular blogger is learning the hard way:

X17 Inc., a Los Angeles photo agency known for its images of stars in personal or embarrassing moments, has filed a $7.6 million federal copyright infringement lawsuit against Hilton.

Hilton has a blog displaying stars in unflattering situations.

20 Things I Hate About The Internet

from the Small Business Blog

20 Things I Hate About the Internet
1. I really hate the fact that individuals can say whatever they want, regardless of whether it is true, there is no recourse for libel or slander because in many cases the posts are not in the same country as the person slandered.
2. I hate that the truth is becoming collective, or from those the most persistent. The popularity of wiki's and in particular wikipedia means that history is becoming fluid.
3. I hate that it is almost impossible to discern an online writer's credibility.
4. I hate that crime is allowed to flourish online.
5. I hate that the EU forces US companies to collect VAT on European sales. US companies don't benefit from the tax, yet they are forced to staff individuals to handle collection and submission of VAT taxes to European Governments.
6. I hate that U.S. legislatures passed a law that it is illegal for US citizens to remain anonymous on line yet pedophiles hide behind anonymity.
7. I hate that email is so impersonal and so easily misunderstood.
8. I hate that personal information on nearly any person is simply only a click away.
9. I hate that children see Internet pornography without even trying.
10. I hate that law abiding citizens are at a distinct disadvantage on the Internet.
11. I hate if you work at an Internet business your day does not end at 5:00.
12. I hate to be at Google's mercy for search engine ranking.
13. I hate that search engines are constantly changing their algorythms.
14. I hate that children know more about the Internet than their parents.
15. I hate that the Internet archives can store. Comments that may or may not be true for what could be an eternity.
16. I hate that the Internet is litered with junk sites and abandoned out of date content.
17. I hate that Internet obsession allienates the older generation.
18. I hate that Google so much power.
19. I hate that the playing field for small businesses on the Internet is no longer level.
20. I hate that clickfraud is a part of life if marketing on the Internet.

Holiday Templates for RSS

Check out these Christmas templates for displaying RSS feeds with rss2html. The rss2html script allows users to display their RSS feeds as an HTML web page. By using the templates you can add a little bit of a flare to your feed display.

RSS Feed Converter

Another Way to Add RSS feeds to your website RSS Feed Converter. RSS Feed Converter easily convert any valid RSS feed into easy to implement Javascript, HTML or PHP code. In order to use the service you must provide a name and email address.

RSS Specials

The holiday season is in full swing, and more and more people are using the web as a giant shopping mall. Thankfully, the proliferation of Web 2.0 technologies is giving birth to a new breed of shopping site that can help navigate this crowded marketplace.

Sites like Offertrax, StyleFeeder and Mpire don't sell anything at all. Rather, they improve purchasing intelligence by keeping an eye out for bargains and sending electronic alerts when it's time to swoop in for the kill.
Instead of wasting time browsing the virtual aisles at dozens of sites, just tell Offertrax what you're shopping for.

Complete Article

Tips for Content Rich Websites

When creating a content rich website, do not be afraid to think outside of the box. Unique ideas will generally garner more attention than the mundane and more common content concepts. Over the years the unique content that has garnered the most attention, the Subservient Chicken and JibJab, may not be appropriate for a business website, there are still lots of "out of the box" things that you can do.

Here are some ideas on how you can build content for your website that will attract website visitors.

McCain Addressing Cyber Credibility and Accountability

John McCain has introduced legislation to require all websites and personal blogs to report any "illegal" images or videos posted by their users, paying up to $300,000 per incident if they fail to do so, according to a story by Declan McCullagh at C-Net. Additionally, if a website owner deals with anyone "known to be a sex offender," they will be required to delete any profile pages by those individuals.

It also applies to Internet service providers, although higher responsibility (and consequent fines) is leveled at website owners, commercial or individual.

The legislation specifically lists: "any Website with a message board; any chat room; any social-networking site; any e-mail service; any instant-messaging service; any Internet content hosting service; any domain name registration service; any Internet search service; any electronic communication service; and any image or video-sharing service."

The proposed legislation will certainly go a long way to address online credibility and accountability for US companies and individuals, but what about things posted beyond the US borders?  

Search Engine Journal Opens Blog Awards

Search Engine Journal is now opening nominations for blogs to be included for this year’s Search Blogs Awards in the following categories:

- Best SEO Blog
- Best SEM Blog
- Best Search Agency Resource Blog
- Best Link Building Blog
- Best Social Media Blog
- Best Search Engine Corporate Blog (owned by the search engines)
- Best Contextual Advertising Blog
- Best Affiliate Marketing Blog
- Best Search Engine Community/Forum Blog
- Best Web 2.0 Blog
- Best Search Linkbait of 2006

To nominate blogs,  leave a comment with the category and your favorite blogs.

RSS Etiquette

There is no Emily Post in blogging that offers etiquette advice, or a Miss Manners that details appropriate behavior. That does not mean there are not acceptable and unacceptable actions that bloggers should take. In order to efficiently communicate as a blogger on the Internet, it is critical to understand the unwritten rules of blogging etiquette.

RSS Etiquette

Fedafi is for Sale

Fedafi has only been around for nine months but it is already on the market. Stream Distribution announced that Fedafi is on the market. The price and details have not been disclosed and are available with the signing of an NDA.

Iran Blocking Popular Websites

Iran yesterday shut down access to some of the most popular websites. Users were unable to open popular sites including and YouTube following instructions to service providers to filter them.

RSS Auto Discovery

Use this free online tool to create the code for RSS auto discovery.

1. Simply enter your feed URL and the feed title.
2. Paste the generated code into the head tag of your HTML website

The RSS auto discovery code will help some RSS readers auto detect that an RSS feed for the webpage exists.

- RSS Specification Feed created by FeedForAll

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