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RSS Blog & RSS News
Forums and RSS Go Together!

If you have a forum please add an RSS feed that subscribers can subscribe to in order to see new posts! It makes monitoring forums much easier and will increase the stickiness of your forum! Most forums have an easy add-on, for RSS feeds.

For Gods Sake Communicate

For Gods sake, blog! Pope Benedict told priests on Saturday, saying they must learn to use new forms of communication to spread the gospel message.

In his message for the Roman Catholic Church's World Day of Communications, the pope, who is 82 and known not to love computers or the internet, acknowledged priests must make the most of the rich menu of options offered by new technology.

Communicate Gods Words

Twitter Lists to RSS

New tool to convert Twitter Lists to RSS.


FreeMyFeed - Free your feed from authentication or invalid SSL certificates for use in the feed reader of your choice.

RSS Scripts Updated

A bunch of the RSS feed management scripts have been updated.

Using RSS Feeds

The Internet gives you access to a virtual smorgasbord of information. From the consequential to the trivial, the astonishing to the mundane, it is all within your reach. This means you can keep up with the headlines, policies, trends, and tools that interest your nonprofit, and keep informed about what people are saying about your organization online. But the sheer volume of information can pose challenges, too: namely, how do you separate the useful data from all the rest? One way is to use RSS, which brings the information you want to you.

Using RSS Feeds to Feed Your Information Needs

How to Translate RSS feeds

Interesting article explains how to translate RSS feeds:

It is not as easy as using a one-step translation service, but it is worth the effort for reading blogs you think you might like that are not in your language. I will walk through a demo of translating Webware into French.

RSS - What is the Deal for 2010

With the web, one thing that we know is that things are forever changing, and usually more quickly as opposed to less. So it is with RSS as well, and one thing we know for sure is that the use of RSS will evolve based on patterns affecting the social web, the real time web, and so on.

RSS in 2010 - according to Technorati

5 Reasons RSS Readers Rock

What I learned from that discussion is that while the RSS Reader market is indeed in decline, there are still a number of compelling use cases for RSS Readers. Not to mention new tools worth checking out. So in this more optimistic post, I list 5 reasons why you should continue to use RSS Readers

complete article

2009 Reflections, 2010 Predictions

Another year has rolled by marked by miracles, political milestones and tragedies alike. 2009 was the year of financial uproar with bailouts and ponzi schemes dominating the news on a regular basis. Chrysler and GM stalwart car giants struggled to survive. Bernie Madoffs financial pyramid came tumbling down, taking average citizen's retirement plans with it, emptying the coffers of trusting non-profits and celebrities alike.

2009 Reflections, 2010 Predictions

Predictions for 2010

Top 10 Winners Predicted for 2010
1. Healthy Living
2. The Cloud
3. Savings
4. Simplicity in Design
5. Web Applications
6. Instant and Virtual
7. Portability
8. Energy
9. Green Shopping
10. Security

Top 10 Losers Predicted for 2010
1. Capitalism
2. Health Care
3. Credit Card Companies
4. The Left
5. Acorn
6. Big Government
7. Privacy
8. Super Star Atheletes
9. Facebook
10. Reality...

What is Hot and What is Not for 2010

What is Hot and What is Not for 2010

Top 10 Winners Predicted for 2010

1. Healthy Living
The healthy living trend will continue with more and more westerners becoming conscious of the chemicals used in their products and food. Organic, chemical-free products, and healthy living will prosper in 2010.

2. The Cloud
The virtual cloud has grown in 2009. The benefits of virtualization and collective space will continue into 2010, with significant cloud growth.

3. Savings
The economic crisis caught many unaware; job security of middle management was tossed a curve in 2009. As a result consumers are becoming more savvy about what they spend their money on, and they are less likely to rely on credit. Savings will grow in 2010.

What is Hot and What is Not for 2010

30 RSS and Web 2.0 Applications

Collection of 30 RSS and Web 2.0 Applications

Definitions of RSS

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication and  Rich Site Summary. RSS is an XML-based format for content distribution. Webmasters create an RSS file containing headlines and descriptions of specific information. While the majority of RSS feeds currently contain news headlines or breaking information the long term uses of RSS are broad.

What is RSS?

Google Is More than Just a Search Engine

The architects of the most powerful search engine in the world have included some really handy algorithms in their service, which allow searchers to quickly locate particular and specific types of information...

1. Definitions
In order to quickly find the definition of a word, simply type "define: word" in the search box. Google will then provide the definition of the word.

2. Area Codes
Enter a US telephone area code in the URL box to see a map of the area covered by that telephone area code.

Google is More than Just a Search Engine

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Record and edit audio files with software.

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