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BlogOrlando Another Unconference

This free event is open to bloggers and non-bloggers alike from Florida and anywhere else. Discussions will center  blogging, podcasting, public relations, social media, citizen’s journalism and other related topics.

In addition to the Friday event  some outings at the local theme parks have been planned.. This event is as much a social/family gathering as it is a ‘work’ gathering, so bring the family (kids included).

Sept 22-24, Orlando Florida

New Videocast Directory Launched

A new directory for RSS feeds that contain video enclosures (also known as videocasts or vodcasts) is available at: Videocasting Station .

If you have a videocast be sure to submit it!

New RSS Feed Management and Podcast Creation Software for Mac

FeedForAll Mac has been launched and it incorporates unified publishing, allowing publishers to upload a feed along with enclosure files.

The new version of the software includes integrated support for all namespaces, including iTunes, Dublin Core and MediaRSS.

Additional details and a download are freely available.

GoogleBase Has RSS Button

Google Base results pages are now displaying an RSS button. The button is an RSS feed icon, that links to RSS results for that query refinement in Google Base.

Attention Data and RSS

I recently ran into Nick Bradbury (of FeedDemon fame)  at the Shareware Industry Conference. It is always fun to catch up with Nick, and discuss changes in the industry.

While Nick does not favor RSS over Atom (or vice versa), we both agree that from a development perspective a single standard makes adoption easier.  

We also had a great discussion about Attention Data and large companies, like Google amassing data . Nick has some interesting thoughts about shared data and I am interested to see how he incorporates those thoughts into future development.

In any event it was great catching up, even if Nick's inlaws named a goat after him, he is a really good guy! :-)

RSS Experiment

Full Feed experiment from PocketPC:

We've changed our RSS feed here at Pocket PC Thoughts, because I wanted to try an experiment. Since RSS became popular, there's always been the tension between publisher and reader. The reader wants to take full advantage of RSS, meaning they want to get 100% of the content in their RSS reader so they don't have to visit the site.

What Version of RSS

From Kbcafe:

Hans Mestrum asked his readers what protocol he should use for syndiation. He sent me the results of his poll.

RSS 2.0 - 68%
Does not matter - 22%
OPML - 18%
Atom 1.0 - 11%
RSS 3.0 - 3%
RSS 1.0 - 0%

Feedster Announcements

Feedster, Inc.,  has announced  that Tyler Goldman will join its Board of Directors and become acting president. Mr. Goldman was previously Senior VP of Corporate & Business Development at Movielink, and founder and CEO of Broadband Sports, Inc.  Former president, Chris Redlitz, left to pursue interests in earlier stage companies.

Complete PR

RSS Can be Used to...

Basically, you can perform any task with RSS that requires search or information retrieval from a server. Automatically and repeatedly.

The list was created to encourage RSS adoption.

FeedBurner Makes Acquisition

FeedBurner appears to beefing up the statistical information that they provide clients. From the FeedBurner Blog:

In the syndicated content solar system in which the FeedBurner orb spins, it helps to occasionally venture out of our galaxy in search of intelligent life and integrated product offerings. Long story short, we have acquired Blogbeat. In our quest to provide our publishers with a comprehensive picture of how content is distributed and consumed, we liked the fact that Blogbeat uses the feed to gather additional information about the blog. We have been interested in expanding our combined site/feed view since FeedFlare got going some months ago, and Blogbeat will give us the ability to provide publishers with a more thorough statistics picture.

Customers Demand RSS Feeds
07/18/2006 rep or ts that their RSS traffic is 'rising month after month by orders of magnitude', even though they are barely promoting their RSS feeds.

Locate Feeds on Specific Categories

A variety of RSS search engines that are specific to various industries are cropping up.

RSS4Medics - all medical rss feeds

Finance Investing - all financial rss feeds

Religious Podcasts - all podcasts related to religion

Realty Feeds - all feeds are related to homes for sale or apartments

Security Protection - all rss feeds contain security alerts, warnings or related security information

Blogger Earns a House

Taking a paper clip and turning it into a house sounds like a cheesy magic trick or a phony instance of resourcefulness on the 1980s TV show "MacGyver."

Kyle MacDonald, however, has pulled it off.

One year ago, the 26-year-old blogger from Montreal set out to barter one red paper clip for something and that thing for something else, over and over again until he had a house.

On Wednesday the quest is ending as envisioned: MacDonald is due to become the proud owner of a three-bedroom, 1,100-square-foot home provided by the town of Kipling, Saskatchewan.

Paperclip to a House!

RSS Feed Crazy

Robin Stanton wrote a great piece about RSS.

Wow, I just did a search on Google for “RSS Feed Statistics” and man oh man, everyone has an RSS feed. ESPN has one, The Government has one,, even Microsoft has implemented an RSS feed for their new Vista operating system, and the list just goes on for days, well at least 10 pages worth on Google.

Did we tune out too quickly on the RSS feed craze? Well, a year ago, we did…

Complete Article

Octora A New Breed of RSS Search

Octora is a new RSS search engine that is currently in beta. Enter a tag (or keyword) and Octora will find all RSS feeds related to that keyword.

It seems to be the melding of social bookmarking (and tagging and RSS search). Interesting concept but really not very different from keyword searching that users are accustom to on sites like RSS Network .

NewsGator Roadmap

NewsGator a popular RSS reader that focuses on syncing syndication from various readers has posted a corporate roadmap. Part1 discusses the history and Part II discusses future plans.

Standard OPML Icon Proposed

Chris Pirillo has proposed a standard icon be used for designating OPML files. The following is the proposed icon:

Chris is looking for comments and feedback as to there thoughts on the proposed icon. Apparently Dave Winer did not love it but suggested getting feedback from other users.

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