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RSS Feed Translation

Nativetext is a free web service that translates RSS feeds from blogs and podcasts into foreign languages. Using a new kind of distributed supercomputing, foreign language translation is performed by a network of humans around the world, not machines. Translated content is served to a global readership through native language syndication.

Singapore Blog Investigation

Singapore's police investigation of an Internet blogger who posted cartoons mocking Jesus Christ shows the city-state has scant regard for media independence, a press freedom group says.

"It is not the job of the police to intervene in this kind of case. By targeting this blogger, the authorities have once again shown they attribute scant importance to media diversity and independence," the Paris-based Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said in a statement.

Complete Article

Blog Censoring in Italy?

A media watchdog group protested the conviction of an Italian blogger for defamation, warning Friday that such a verdict could lead to censorship of blogs in Italy.

Blogger Roberto Mancini, 59, was convicted of defamation last month in Aosta, northern Italy, and sentenced to pay $16,900 in fines and damages.

Blog Defamation

Really Unique Uses for RSS Feeds

Steve Rubel has put together an engaging list of uses for RSS feeds. 35 ways you can use RSS feeds today, that go way beyond news and blogs.

35 Uses of RSS

RSS Parsers

A government website has put together this collection of RSS parsers .

Other RSS Resources

The following are other RSS resources you may want to consider:

RSS Software - RSS software solutions including RSS scripts for syndication, RSS aggregators, RSS editors, RSS parsers and scrapers. Site includes software reviews, version information and related RSS news.

RSS Syndication - Find the hottest syndication products and locate RSS feeds that are content rich and contain content available for syndiation.

RSS2HTML - Host and display RSS feeds as HTML.

Make RSS Feeds - Step by step walkthrough of how to create an RSS feed by hand.

RSS Network - RSS Network is a directory that allows for users to search for RSS feeds with a specific focus.

Blog Connection - Learn more about blogs, and connecting to people using blogs.

Podcasting Tools - Tools to fascilitate podcasting and podcast management.

Tips for Podcast Promotion

Set Your Podcast Up for Success!
As podcasts increase in popularity, listeners have more choices. So while you might be ahead of the competition, you should still be thinking about ways that you can make your podcast unique and stand out from similarly themed podcasts.

Podcast Promotion Tips

Intranet 2.0

Robin Good has posted a good view of Collaboration Online:

New communication technology is making it less a one-way publishing vehicle and more a platform for two-way communication, collaboration and innovation. In this chapter, we discuss these new technologies – from RSS, to wikis to blogs – and whether you should integrate them into your intranet.

USDA RSS feeds

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) now offers a Rich Site Summary  feed to alert subscribers about the release of new statistical reports.

Mozilla Takes Position on Feed Icon

Mozilla's Leadership has taken a position on the "common RSS feed icon":

There have been some questions about the RSS icon and trademark protection. The Mozilla Foundation filed a trademark application a while back during the process of evaluating what course of action to take. Same with creating a trademark license to see what it would look like.

After looking at this, we all believe that a community driven approach is best and that trademark licensing don't make sense for a number of reasons. So several things could happen with the existing trademark application. The Mozilla Foundation could abandon the trademark application. The Mozilla Foundation could commit to managing the trademark only as determined by the community process.

Full vs. Partial Text RSS Feeds

Great piece that discusses Full vs Partial Text Feeds:

A number of experts have suggested that the only sensible way to embrace RSS as an organisation is to launch full-text feeds, allowing RSS subscribers to read the whole story (or other message) within their RSS feed reader.

Yes, full-text is the first rule of RSS. But rules are there to be broken. Full-text simply doesn’t work for everybody, for a number of reasons.

RSS Buttons are Fluid

Mozilla asks Opera to sign agreement before it uses its RSS feed icon -

The Mozilla Foundation asked Opera to sign an agreement on the use of its RSS feed icon in the Opera browser.

Earlier this year, Opera adopted the orange RSS feed icon from Mozilla Firefox for use in the Opera browser. This after Microsoft announced that it too would include the icon in the next release of Internet Explorer (IE). There has been an ongoing effort between browser vendors to encourage more consistency between the various browsers.

For now Opera removed the icon in its latest weekly build of the Opera 9 desktop browser, which was released today.

Complete Article

Churches Using RSS

The Internet has made spreading faith significantly easier. In the past, community residents were limited to the churches, temples and houses of worships that were available within driving distances. Coordinating schedules with sermons could be challenging for busy families.

The Internet has opened the doors to a diverse congregation that exists beyond the traditional borders that communities have become accustom to. Using technology as a communication medium has not been lost on spiritual leaders and many have embraced the Internet as a medium to spread their faith.

RSS and Faith

Personalized RSS Who Has Control?

Diggol is launching a personalized news site with topic discovery and graphical visualization. The company is using this site to demonstrate its technologies and is offering a solution using its natural language processing based topic discovery, graphical visualization, community and personalized ranking to portals and enterprises as an add-on tool to any search engine. The tool will make it easier for users to find the information they want in the first one or two searches.   

This solution automatically discovers and ranks hot topics and topics important to each user that are covered in any collection of documents, e.g., search results or news and blog RSS feeds.

So personalized RSS means the website decides what *you* want to see....

25 Ways To Use RSS Feeds

The following list is a collection of 25 alternative uses for RSS that was originally posted across a couple of entries on

FeedMix Released

A new version of FeedMix has been released it seems to be a lite version of RSSmesh . It allows for multiple feeds to be merged into a single feed.

Blogging Glossary

This article attempts to simplify some common blogging terms organized into a simple blogging glossary. Only common and popular blog tools and services have been included.

Blogging Glossary

Web 2.0 Victim Or Syndication Victim?

Michael Arrington at TechCrunch reported:

"Blog search engine PubSub had massive layoffs today after last minute merger discussions with knownow fell apart. It looks like a shutdown is imminent."

However Bob Wyman of PubSub calls him on it:

"No PubSub payrolls have been missed. We paid our full payroll on May 30th as is normally the case."

Syndication can be a real nightmare for stories that are incorrectly reported.

Tips to Promoting and Publicizing an RSS Feed

Publicize your RSS feed.
There is little argument from webmasters and publishers that RSS brings in traffic. So once you've made the leap and created a feed, how do you tell your visitors about the feed?

Promote Your RSS Feed

RSS Tools

Considering the ever-increasing support for RSS in online communities, we have compiled a list of resources and products that will benefit webmasters, web surfers and publishers in their quest to understand the power of RSS. RSS has rapidly become an alternative communication venue. In order to understand the full benefits, consider utilizing some of the following tools and resources.

RSS Tools

New Version NewsGator

NewsGator Technologies, Inc., an RSS platform company, has announced the release of NewsGator Enterprise Server, the latest version of its enterprise RSS aggregation and distribution platform.

NewsGator Enterprise Server 1.3 includes the following new capabilities: SharePoint Team Portal integration, which enables the publishing of a set of feeds to a Microsoft SharePoint portal site that members of a group can view; Group Clippings, which allows a member of an internal team or group to take important items, add a comment, and drop them into a folder, which is then turned into an RSS feed to which others can subscribe; and refined article and feed searching.

Washington Post and Technorati Partner
06/05/2006 and the global blogosphere authority Technorati have partnered to launch a new dynamic feature that presents the most current blog posts about opinions published by a range of news sites and bloggers around the world.

Called Buzz Map, the new graphical tool, which will appear only in the Opinions section of , will track more than 100 syndicated columnists and popular opinion bloggers, and rank them based on the number of links to those columns throughout the blogosphere. The Buzz Map will display the ten most popular columns and posts in a 72-hour period.

Ask Launches Blog and Feed Search

Ask has launched a new blog and feed search that uses their BlogLines to help locate feeds. A search produces tabbed results and users can see actual items within a feed that mentions the keyword searched on,  they can see a list of feeds themselves or they search news headlines.

Something I've overlooked in the past is Ask also has an image search option. Pretty nice!

New Version rss2html Released

A new version of rss2html has been released. The new version of rss2html converts feeds to HTML web pages. The latest features include support for creative commons and displaying rights. Read rss2html release notes.

Radar Farms
06/01/2006 is a Newsmastering portal, which showcases the technology and methodologies of locating, aggregating, filtering, processing and publishing Web-based information based on a specific subject.

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