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How to Submit Podcasts to iTunes Music Store

Here are some helpful tips regarding how to get your podcasts listed in the iTunes Music Store...

How to Submit Podcasts to iTunes

Product Recalls Via RSS

Whenever you buy a brand new product right when it hits the market, the safety of that product is always a concern. That is particularly true when the product, like childrens toys or a new car, can have a direct impact on the health and safety of your own family. Rather than trying to constantly check for any recall announcements for every single product you‚€™ve bought that could pose a safety concern if it malfunctions, it is much easier to just sign up for product recall RSS feeds and then just keep an eye out for any recall alerts that might affect you.

The 8 Best Sources For Product Recall RSS Updates

14 Tips to Make the Most of RSS Feeds

As a busy digital marketer, I live or die by feeds. Feeds keep me up to date and push my content, fast. And as a blogger, I similarly depend on feeds to keep me informed and spread influence.

To be successful you need to be more than simply informed -- you need to be a thought leader and agenda-setter rather than another voice in the echo chamber. But feeds are at a disadvantage on this front, as a headline that appears on a feed must have already been written about.

The goal then is to use feeds, as quickly as possible, to ensure that you're among the first writing about a topic.

14 Tips to Make the Most of Feeds

Digg Blocks RSS Submissions

Diggs unpopular version 4 redesign last summer has put a big damper on the sites traffic, but the Digg team has come around and started to make changes that are helping to bring users back. The latest smart move: banning RSS feed submissions. No longer can every single post from a site be auto-submitted to Digg via RSS.

Digg Bans RSS Submissions


Splush enables editors to share with their audience, real-time updated content from partners, friends or favorites information sources. A dynamic blogroll and multimedia access make RSS Feeds accessible to all without any technical constraints.

Splush is also FeedAds : the first ads service of sponsored links 2.0 where traditional statistic links are replaced by more attractive ones updated in real time, with direct link to content and multimedia.

Looking for RSS Tools or Podcasting Tools?

Check out these two websites for RSS Tools and Podcasting Tools.

We also have this huge list of rss tools on the RSS Specifications website.

Forum Etiquette

The Internet has become a highly interactive medium. In order to participate in discussion forums and newsgroups, it is important to be familiar with standard and accepted Internet forum etiquette. Here are some tips to help make your forum participation more productive and beneficial...

1. Terms-Of-Service

Read the forum rules and terms-of-service before you begin posting. This way, you can avoid having your introduction to the forum being an accidental breaking of a rule or other misconduct.

Forum Etiquette


Dapper is a tool that enables users to create update feeds for their favorite sites and website owners to optimize and distribute their content in new ways.

Importance Of Good Headlines For Feed Subscribers

Contrary to what you may think, people who subscribe to your feed aren‚€™t necessarily reading your articles. In most cases your posts will be competing with a large amount of content, some of which may be very similar to your own.

I do almost all of my reading through a feed reader and there is a habit I‚€™ve picked up which I think is symptomatic of most feed subscribers. With so many new articles popping up in my feed reader every day I can not possibly read all of them to completion. I tend to prioritize by title, then skim a little, and if my curiosity is peaked, the article gets my full attention.

Increase RSS Subscribers

30 Simple Ways to Gain RSS Subscribers

Before creeping into the ways, you must also remember that your content must be really good as Content is the King. It is recommended to read the following few posts which will help you to shape your self in terms of contents and its promotions,

Increase RSS Subscribers


RSSMotron is an RSS feed directory.

RSS Screen Saver

RSSMore is a free rss screensaver that lets you subscribe to any number of RSS/XML feeds and view them in your rss screen saver.

Digital Sound Effects

Digital Sound Effects is a new portal that contains thousands of sound effects. The Digital Sound Effects collection contains royalty free sound effects that can be used as introductions, extros or a background in any digital audio or video productions including podcasts. The Digital Sound Effects website contains a wide array of sound effects that range from realistic car crashes with screeching brakes to soothing nature sound effects.

Each sound effect is available as a download in a zip file. The zip file contains the sound effect in an MP3, Wav, and WMA format. All effects contained on are all royalty free which means they can be downloaded and used without the broadcaster having to pay royalties for the use of the sound effect. The broadcaster or publisher pays a single fee and are able to use effects in any capacity that they choose.The sound effects can be used on websites, podcast productions or in any other format.

Digital Sound Effects

Three Ways to Prevent People From Unsubscribing

Getting traffic to your blog and turning your visitors into loyal readers requires a lot more than just writing new blog posts. What you must do is create an environment so people want to return, and if you can turn them into RSS subscribers, then you will be that much more powerful. Sometimes when we make our content pages we can easily look sight of the fact that we are not really making them for us, we are making them for our visitors and site readers. Ok, we want you to get some RSS subscribers because it can be very helpful to have them, and we would like for you to continue reading so you can find out some great approaches for doing that.

3 Ways to Stop People From Unsubscribing

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