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RSS Blog & RSS News
Choose a Domain

Choosing a domain is one of the first steps in establishing an online presence. Changing a domain after-the-fact can be time consuming, and can be harmful to search engine ranking, so it is best to get it right the first time around. Follow these simple steps to select a domain name that will represent your online brand...

Choose a Domain

Dilbert Goes RSS

The new offers the poupular comic via RSS Feeds.

3rd Party Feeds May Incur Liability Issues

A French court has punished web publishers because of snippets of text that appeared on their sites via an RSS reader. It is believed to be the first time that a website operator has been held responsible for content delivered by a third parties RSS feed.

complete article

Boston Marathon RSS Feed

Follow the latest Marathon news with the Boston Marathon News Feed or the  Google Boston Marathon News Feed.The Boston Marathon is the worlds oldest annual marathon.

Feed Tracking Numbers

Search Engine Land posted an interesting piece that analyzes who the various aggregators count RSS feed subscribers.

Bloglines will count anyone who is currently subscribed to your blog even if they have not viewed your blog feed ever as a subscriber.
Google will count anyone who is currently subscribed to your blog even if they have not viewed your blog feed ever as a subscriber.
Microsofts does not appear to share subscriber numbers.
Netvibes will count anyone who is currently subscribed to your blog even if they have not viewed your blog feed ever as a subscriber.
NewsGator will count anyone who is currently subscribed to your blog even if they have not viewed your blog feed ever as a subscriber.
Pageflakes will count anyone who is currently subscribed to your blog even if they have not viewed your blog feed ever as a subscriber.
Rojo will count anyone who is currently subscribed to your blog even if they have not viewed your blog feed ever as a subscriber.
Yahoo requires that the subscribed user has viewed (logs into My Yahoo or Yahoo Mail) your feed within 30 days to be counted as a subscriber.

Blog Posts that Attract Attention

Blogs are now a dime a dozen, and bloggers need to make their blog posts stand out. Developing a blog following is not as easy as it once was. Learn how to write blog posts that attract readers and retain their attention. Follow these guidelines to cultivate readers...

Blog Posts that Attract Attention

Avoid Duplicate Content Penalties

While it may still be debatable whether all the major search engines currently employ a duplicate content penalty, all have made it abundantly clear that they do not have any desire to provide search results that rehash the same content over and over. Actively avoid any potential penalties by taking a proactive approach to building unique content.

Avoid Duplicate Content Penalties

NanoTech Feeds

Nanowerk, the No. 1 nanotechnology portal, announced that it is offering a set of free nanotechnology news feeds for other websites and content providers.

China Assures No Internet Blocking During Olympics

China is progressing well toward the Olympics with fewer than 130 days remaining, and organizers have given assurances that Internet and media access will meet Olympic standards, an International Olympic Committee official said last week.

Clickz Takes on the Issue of Blog Credibility

Organic search results credibility and trustworthiness have always been widely debated. When SEO (define) first became a hot tactic in online marketing, search engines results became littered with spam -- doorway pages, link farms, you name it. Now that the search engines have become smarter and their algorithms increasingly complex, they are much better at weeding out spam.

But how do you define spam? Is it sites that provide no inherent value (e.g., a page full of links or ads) or content that's potentially invalid, unproved, or biased?
The answer to that question probably depends a lot on who you ask.

Clickz Questions Credibility of Blogs

Here is another article from a different source a few months ago:

Credibility online is becoming more and more of an issue. Anyone can have a blog or post to a forum and anyone can edit wiki entries. Web surfers are beginning to comprehend that just because it is in print does not necessarily mean that it is true. In fact, in today's online world, the collective truth might be the closest thing we can get to the real truth. Peer policing and social bookmarking have become common in the online world.

Human nature invariably prompts a level of trust;if it is written, it must be true. We live in a generation where we expect authors, editors and publishers that are qualified to write on various topics. What qualifications are required to post a blog, write an online article, or edit a wiki? Some web surfers may find the answer startling: None. Expertise is no longer a prerequisite. Wikipedia is a popular online reference, that frequently obtains top ranking in search engines as a reference source. How many Wikipedia readers realize that Wikipedia can be edited by anyone at anytime, regardless of their qualifications.

Questioning Online Credibility

Performing Better Searches

Performing and perfecting search engine results can save web surfers lots of time and energy. Understanding the nuances of searching allows researchers to immediately drill down and locate the information they are seeking, without having to wade through a myriad of irrelevant search results in the process. The increasing complexity of search engines has made understanding search engines a necessity for those who spend any amount of time online. The following search tips are standards that will work in most of the major search engines.

Use this guide to Perform Better Searches

Blogger Ordered to Pay for Libel

A Malaysian court has ordered a top blogger and editors of an opposition newspaper to pay 2.2 million dollars in damages over libel claims by a university head, reports said last Thursday.

Syria is Cracking Down on Web

Syria is cracking down more on Internet use, imposing tighter monitoring of citizens who link to the Web, as well as jailing bloggers who criticize the government and blocking YouTube and other Web sites deemed harmful to state security.

OSHA Using RSS Feeds

OSHA has implemented Really Simple Syndication Feeds to provide OSHA customers a personal, direct channel for receiving the latest news and information from the OSHA Web site.

LinkedIn Adopts RSS

LinkedIn is now offering RSS feeds for network updates.

The feature allows users to track updates and connections across their LinkedIn network via their favorite RSS Reader. For example the feed shows when people in your network connect with other people, make recommendations or update their LinkedIn status.

Top Podcast Tips for a Great Sound

What defines a good podcast? Make no mistake -- there is a difference between a good podcast and a not-so-good podcast. A high-caliber podcast is much more than just decent content. The sound quality, and the way a podcast is recorded, will impact the value of the podcast as well. Podcast structure and pre-planning are also important; do not skimp on the production, as it too can make or break a podcast.

Top Podcast Tips for a Great Sound

CBS Asks RSS Question

This question appeared on the CBS Website:

I have a question for any RSS gurus out there: Is there a way to set up my RSS feed so that it does not get published immediately?

The answer is yes, you can use FutureRSS a PHP script to schedule the RSS feed. You can prepublish content weeks or even months in advance, knowing that the content will automatically be displayed at the appropriate time.

(read complete question)

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