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Swine Flu RSS Feeds

Collection of RSS feeds for updates regarding the Swine Flu:

CDC Swine Flu RSS Feed
World Health Organization Swine Flu RSS Feed
Pandemic Flu RSS Feed
NPR on Swine Flu RSS Feed

Center for Disease Control on Twitter
HealthMap on Twitter

Submit RSS Feeds and Blogs

Large list of directories and search engines for Blogs and RSS feeds. Simply Submit your RSS Feeds and Blogs.

Instant Autodiscovery Tag

Auto-discovery allows people with certain RSS readers to automatically detect that an RSS feed exists for the content contained on the webpage. Fill out this form and it will automatically generate the required autodiscovery code.

Digital Sound Effects

Digital Sound Effects directory that contains royalty free sound effects that can be used in podcast productions or other broadcasts.

Creative Podcasting for Businesses

Podcasting content comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Businesses are finding many different and creative ways of incorporating podcasts into their business strategies and marketing plans.

Here are just some of the various types of content that businesses are turning into podcasts...

Creative Podcasting for Businesses


Dynamically convert SQL database to RSS feeds with SQL2RSS.

RSS Spider

RSS Spider is a new RSS feed directory.

ABCs of Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is a perceived transition of the Web to web-based applications. Web 2.0 is the next generation of technology solutions where interactive content is the norm.

There is no agreement on exactly what Web 2.0 means. Check out the ABCs of Web 2.0

Website Critique Webinar

Free webinar that critiques websites. Sign-up and submit your site or simply enjoy the entertainment!

Website Review Webinar

How to Embed RSS Feeds in Websites

Robin Good of MasterNewMedia posted a good summary of solutions that allow you to embed RSS feeds into a webpage, scroll down to the table to see all the specific solutions and a comparison.

Create RSS | Make RSS Feeds

Article that details exactly how to Create an RSS feed.

RSS is a standard for syndicating content on the Internet. RSS feeds are used in a variety of ways to distribute all types of content via the Internet. The benefits for individuals subscribing to RSS feeds have resulted in a rapid growth and adoption rate. Software and tools have made RSS feed creation and management easy, even for non-technical individuals, which has also fueled the growth of RSS feeds.

Create RSS | Make RSS Feeds

Feed My Inbox

Using Feed My Inbox use Blogs, Feeds and News magically delivered to your email!


Turn your usual Google searches into tiny rss feeds.Get instant updates whenever a new result appears in Google with FeedMySearch.
04/06/2009 is a new browser-based feed / headline ticker. Watch latest posts and headlines from feeds you subscribe to pop out on your screen as you work.

04/01/2009 lets you publish any RSS feed to your twitter account automatically posting each new item as they are published.

Emergency Response and RSS

Centrelink will use GPS-enabled phones and RSS feeds to improve its response to disasters such as the recent Victorian bushfires and Queensland floods.
The agency played a key role in the recent bushfires and floods as it distributed more than $100 million worth of government support payments to victims.
But its resources were under extreme pressure as it responded to a spate of natural disasters across the country. It now plans to use mobile phones with Global Positioning System capability to track where staff are deployed and what skills are available in an area.

This information will be fed back to a command centre in real time and displayed on a screen.

The department will also use RSS feeds -- which allow a single message to be sent out to a group of subscribers -- to allocate resources to different areas to meet changing demand.

complete article

Distill Digg RSS Feeds

If you subscribe to a Digg RSS feed but find it cluttered with items that are not of interest take a look at Distill. Distill filters out stories below the minimum diggs that you set.

What Can be Published Using RSS Feeds

With all the vast amounts of information available on the web, it is becoming more and more difficult to sort through and find what you are looking for. RSS significantly lowers the signal-to-noise ratio.

What Can be Published Using RSS Feeds

- RSS Specification Feed created by FeedForAll

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RSS to html script to display RSS on a website.

Audio Recording Software
Record and edit audio files with software.

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