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Weblog Censorship by Businesses

While much of the online world crows on about the benefits of interactivity and community building, the plain truth is that such openness punching through from the open Web to intranets gives most corporations nightmares.

A Wired News article points out that it's common practice for many corporations to filter out weblogs using many of the same tools used to eliminate email spam and access to entertainment sites.

But of potentially greater concern to companies than someone sneaking a peak at their favorite time-wasters online is the tendency of people to post comments on weblogs that may reveal corporate secrets that would pose both competitive and compliance nightmares.

Today's corporations are publishing entities more than ever, with both legal and regulatory interfaces to the public as well as sales and marketing front ends via Web sites and other collateral that reaches many audiences.

Blog Filtering

Blogs, Podcasting and RSS Feeds Luncheon

The Virginia Piedmont Technology Council (VPTC) will host a speakers luncheon at the Omni Hotel indowntown Charlottesville on November 17th at 11:30 a.m.
The VPTC luncheon will focus on how Blogs, Podcasting and RSS Feeds are Changing Business Communications. A panel of experts will define and discuss exactly what these new tools are, how they are changing the way companies interact with their customers, and present some fascinating scenarios describing what's happening in the Blogosphere right now.

OPML Validator

Beta OPML validator.

OPML Resource

RSS Compedium has added an OPML resource.

N.J. Students Ordered to Take Down Blogs

A Roman Catholic high school has ordered its students to remove personal blogs from the Internet in the name of protecting them from cyberpredators.

Students at Pope John XXIII Regional High School in Sparta appear to be heeding a directive from the principal, the Rev. Kieran McHugh, to remove personal postings about the school or themselves from Web sites like or, even if they were posted from the students' home computers.

Officials with the Diocese of Paterson say the directive is a matter of safety, not censorship. But constitutional experts say the case raises interesting questions about the intersection of free speech and voluntary agreements with private institutions.

Complete Article

Create a Giant Ego Feed

A few weeks ago I published an article about Ego Searches that details how to use RSS feeds to alert people to product or company mentions. Well Talk Digger has taken it a step further by allowing users to create a Super Ego Feed that merges the results of ego searches.

Blogging Enterprise Conference

The Blogging Enterprise is a one-day conference that will explore blogging, podcasting and video podcasting and their potential benefits and value in building brands, educating prospects, making sales and cultivating customer loyalty. Attendees will depart with new ideas and a better sense for how to implement this new technology successfully...

The conference will be held in Austin, Texas on November 2.

RSS Spider

RSS Spider looks for RSS feeds. Feed Seeker Bot (FSB) is RSS-Spider's home page crawling robot. This bot does not crawl pages other than your home page.

Well the spider is looking for the RSS aware tags in the HEAD of your home page.  (for details on how to do this read step #4)

Maximum RSS Feed Exposure

Robin Good has updated the RSS Top 55. The RSSTop55 Premium, Maximum ExpoRSSure, is a 60-page mini-guide that complements and augments the freely accessible public RSSTop55. The publication is designed to assist individuals with their RSS feed promotion.

Another alternative is the RSS submission list on RSS Specifications.

FTC Tackling Fake Blogs?

The consumer advocacy group Commercial Alert has asked the FTC to investigate "stealth" marketing campaigns, where companies create and maintain blogs that appear to be from ordinary people but are in fact created by Corporate Marketing Depts for the purpose of selling products, among other tactics.

Small Company Claiming XML Infringes on Their Patent

Sounds like a complete fishing expedition to me. CNet points out that XML is progression of the SGML standard which has been around since the 80's.

Charlotte, N.C.-based Scientigo owns two patents covering the transfer of "data in neutral forms." These patents, one of which was applied for in 1997, are infringed upon by the data-formatting standard XML, Scientigo executives assert.

Scientigo intends to "monetize" this intellectual property, Scientigo CEO Doyal Bryant said this week.

Complete Article on CNet

Pheedo Has Integrated Ads

Blog and RSS feed advertising network Pheedo has begun testing a program to make it easier for advertisers to create integrated, multi-channel campaigns across blogs, Web feeds and podcasts.

"If your ad message is only in one of these channels, there's a chance it will be missed by part of the customer base," Bill Flitter, Pheedo's founder and CMO, told ClickZ News. "We're tying the channels together for the advertisers to make sure the consumers will get the message in their preferred way."

Pheedo has been running integrated campaigns for a handful of advertisers since June on a less formal basis, but are now building a turn-key program, which should be ready to launch by the end of the year. The RSS analytics and ad server and blog ad network are already in place. To complete the offering, Pheedo is currently developing technology around podcast ad serving and building out its podcast network.

Complete Article

State of the Splogosphere

Randy has a great piece on the "brokeness" of RSS search. The bulk of the larger RSS search engines are so cluttered with spam and non-sensical posts that they have been rendered virtually useless.

In my opinion, some of the smaller RSS search engines that manually approve listings do a better job. The downside of course is that as RSS grows its not practical for a search engines to manually approve submissions. Looks like RSS Search is due for a "Florida" update ;-)

Verisign Aquired Moreover for 30 Million

Internet services company VeriSign Inc. said Monday it has acquired news aggregator Moreover Technologies Inc. for $30 million in cash to bolster its position as an organizer and gatekeeper of information flowing across the Web.
Moreover, a closely held San Francisco-based company, gathers and filters online news and blogs, then automatically parcels the information in a headline-like format, also known as RSS feeds, to corporate customers, such as Microsoft Corp.'s MyMSN.

Complete Article

New Breed of RSS Spam :-(

I spotted a whole new breed of RSS spam that is particularly worrisome. It appears that "sploggers" are taking legitimate RSS feeds and imbedding links using keyword phrases in the RSS feed's item description. It appears to be an automated script but there is some intelligence to how this is done because the posts are often still "sensical". The postst gives the appears that the original RSS feed creator is recommending the linked resources, which they are not. It is bad enough to have content "borrowed" on a regular basis without appropriate credits, its even more disturbing to have content modified in such a disturbing way.

In the long wrong, if there is wide spread adoption of this tactic, it could harm the credibility of bloggers.

New Beta Version of RSS Tool for Mac

NotePage, Inc. has released a beta version of FeedForAll Mac. The new version includes full iTunes support as well as other RSS 2.0 extensions. A free beta download is available.

FeedForAll Mac is a convenient easy to use tool for editing and creating RSS feeds on a Mac.

Meta Search Powered by RSS

Chris Pirillo released a meta search designed for mobile devices.

The first metasearch engine to be powered by the efficient fuel of RSS technology,, went live on Monday. strips away the multiple layers necessary to search, which is particularly painful for those attempting to visit a Web site over a mobile device.

Instead of plugging in a URL for a search engine, then visiting each page in search results, visitors can merely type in their search term as a subdomain with "" at the end.

The real benefit to is that the results are available via OPML and can be imported into a reader for future monitoring. In many ways the service automates ego searches detailed in a recent article.

Google Has Their Hand in the Reader Market

Google launched a beta release of the Google Reader, an RSS reader. The new service works with a Google account, and comes complete with OPML importation feature and folders.

My take, Google should focus on search and leave the reader market to those already fighting for market share.

AOL Buying Blogging?

America Online has agreed to acquire Weblogs Inc, a network of product and trade blogs including the popular gadget-oriented Engadget and the automotive Autoblog.

Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed, but some reports suggest a sale price of $25m.

Users Don't Realize They Are Using RSS

A recent study showed that 27% of RSS users were unaware that they were using RSS. This study of course does not involve casual web surfers who are viewing webpages that are displayed using RSS feeds... were that number included it might reach dare I say 100%?

Microsoft Getting Creative with Feed Icons

Microsoft is getting creative with RSS feed icons. In one of their blogs they are asking what users think. What do you think?

Rumor About NewsGator Confirmed

RSS platform company NewsGator Technologies has acquired NetNewsWire, creator of a popular RSS reader for Mac OS X.

NewsGator already owns RSS aggregators on Outlook, Windows and Windows Media Center, as well as a Web service. The addition of NetNewsWire effectively rounds out the company's offerings, significantly extending its synchronization capability.

Complete Article on NewsGator Acquisition

Rumors About NewsGator

Om Malik reports a rumor that NewsGator is buying NetNewsWire. NetNewsWire is a popular RSS aggregator on the Macintosh.

Complete Article

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