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RSS Blog & RSS News

RSS For Shopping

Setup RSS feeds to monitor your favorite places for products that meet specific criteria. For example monitor eBay for items that are related to a specific sports team. You can narrow your criteria by using specific search features.

Tips to Improve RSS Feeds

RSS is not quite a household word, but technically astute individuals are adopting the use of RSS feeds at an alarming rate. If you are interested in jumping on the bandwagon, but not quite sure of where to start, consider following these simple RSS feed tips to maximize feed compatibility and make your feed stand out from the crowd.

Tips to Improve RSS Feeds


RSSmanip is a set of scripts that allows webmaster who already generate an RSS feed for their site to dynamically create HTML, HDML, and WML documents based on their RSS feed.

China Tracks Bloggers

China intends to require its millions of Internet bloggers to emerge from the shadows and register under their real names in a move that is raising privacy concerns, the state press has reported.

Under the system, bloggers would be allowed to continue using their online pseudonyms, but must register with authorities under their real names, the Xinhua news agency said.

Podcasting Knowledgebase

Questions and answers related to podcasting in the Podcasting Knowledgebase or get it via an RSS feed. Need more information on podcasting? Subscribe to the podcasting blog or grab the RSS feed.  

FDA Database and RSS

AskSam has taken an interesting approach to RSS and database management. They have taken the FDA's RSS feeds and turned them into a full searchable database.

Check it Out!

New FeedDemon Beta

Nick Bradbury has posted a new FeedDemon beta. Nick details the updates to security and and other features in the release notes.

Pheedo Adds Geo-Targetting

Pheedo has announced plans to add geo-targeting capabilities to its RSS advertising network, offering marketers a new way to use syndication feeds to target customers around the world.

Playing Nice in Blog Posts

Lisa Barone has a fantastic write-up on Bruce Clay's blog about blogger credibility.

To that Scheff states:
"People are using the Internet to destroy people they don't like, and you can't do that."
No, you can't.

The post details a lawsuit where someone's reputation was damaged as a result they went to court.

RSS Search Feeds

This is a very good list of sites that allow you to dynamically create RSS search feeds. Create search feeds to monitor for product mentions, industry keywords, your company name, your product name or a competitors names.

RSS2Java Script

This site generates javascript that can be inserted into a web page to display rss feeds. The RSS2Java generator allows you to enter the number of items you wish to have displayed along with the feed, it provides code that can be pasted into a website.

RSS Roundtable

Pheedo is again heading up an RSS Industry Roundtable. The RSS Roundtable will be held in San Francisco on Tuesday, October 17, in conjunction with the Direct Marketing Association Conference and Exhibition. The theme will be "using RSS as a direct marketing tool."

Topics on the agenda include:
• Is it the right time for direct marketers to pay attention to RSS?
• Understanding where RSS and email fit together
• How to leverage current content and assets to take advantage of RSS
• How to use RSS as an alternative to search marketing during the holiday season

Additions to RSS Submission List

The list of RSS search engines and directories is growing at a rapid pace. We recently added a number of the new RSS search engines to the list that accept RSS feed submissions. Make sure you are using the most recent list, when doing submissions.

New Script for Converting Feeds to HTML

The professional rss2html pro script converts RSS feeds to HTML pages and builds an index of feed items as a separate web page. The webpages dynamically update as new items are added to the RSS feed.

Feedity (formerly FeedTier)

Feedity (formerly FeedTier) is a web feeds generator for web pages without an existing syndication format like RSS or Atom. Feedity performs content analysis, picks-up the most prominent cluster of hyperlinks and automatically generates RSS web feeds from web pages without existing syndication. Feedity (beta) is an experimental service and free for personal use.

RSS to Speech

Google Desktop gadget, RSS to Speech reads RSS feeds using text to speech technology..

The Law Is Struggling to Keep Up with Medium

USA Today just published an article: Courts are Asked to Crack down on Bloggers , the article addresses many of the legal issues that have resulted from the emergence of blogs and RSS feeds.

While the article does say:

"The blogosphere also is the Internet's Wild West, a rapidly expanding frontier town with no sheriff."

It fails to address the issue of jurisdiction. Not all posters on the Internet are held to the same standard, it can become excessively difficult to sue an individual in another country, regardless of the laws broken there is no centralized standards board. Ultimately readers are going to have to weigh the credibility of bloggers, and realize that they are not held to the same standards as the traditional news media. Consider the source.

Directory of Medical and Health Feeds

Submit RSS feeds that relate to medical or health issues to this topical medical feeds directory. All the feeds are grouped by topic so that someone interested in say Rheumatology can easily locate appropriate feeds, to stay current on that medical issue or condition.


FullFeeds is a petition against partial content feeds. Not really sure of the petitions purpose, some content is better suited to a partial content feed, not only to protect intellectual property but to allow readers to quickly scan contents for items of interest.

While I understand the sentiment that most people might prefer full content feeds, I think the petition does not accurately reflect the issue. It is not a black or white issue, there is a whole lot of grey.

RSS Knowledgebase

The RSS Knowledgebase is growing! If you have questions send them in to be answered.

Technorati is 3

Technorati a popular feed search engine (and ego feed provider) has turned 3. As part of the celebration they have released a number of upgrades to their system. Read about the new features in their blog post.

APML - Attention Profiling Markup Language

Really interesting stuff! Touchstone is releasing an draft open specification for Attention Data!

APML will allow users to export and use their own personal Attention Profile in much the same way that OPML allows them to export their reading lists from Feed Readers.

They go on to discuss possible uses for the Attention Data, and how it will let users control their personal information.

- Thanks to a Feed is Born for bringing this scoop to light

RSSFWD - Forwards RSS Feeds to Email

According to the website:

"Reading RSS the way you are already reading your emails. RssFwd can deliver updates from RSS/Atom feeds straight into your mailbox - Fwd your RSS to email today! "

more on RSSFWD

Webmaster Tips

According to Matt Cutts, there are over 100 factors that affect search engine ranking. For those of you who don't know, Matt is a Google guy guru, he is employed by Google but writes an independent blog and shares information related to Google and search engine optimization. Unfortunately, of those 100 items that account for search engine ranking, there are only a few that webmasters can actually control.

Webmaster Tips

- RSS Specification Feed created by FeedForAll

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