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RSS Blog & RSS News
Top 10 Uses of RSS in Law Firms

This article details what they refer to as: The Top 10 Uses of RSS in Law Firms . A few observations, they refer to ego feeds as vanity feeds, which can and should be used in almost any market segment and do not really discuss specifics of the legal field.
How about monitoring the police logs using RSS?


TextLink Ads has launched Feedvertising run text link ads in your RSS feed. I have not dug into this to see if there any benefits over the current feed serving technologies like Pheedo.

Are Newspapers on The Way Out?

TIME Magazine posted a very interesting article about how blogs are effecting newspapers. I disagree with their conclusion, but believe they raise some excellent points in the article:

"I'm not sure what that new form will look like. But it might resemble the better British papers today (such as the one I work for, the Guardian). The Brits have never bought into the American separation of reporting and opinion. They assume that an intelligent person, paid to learn about some subject, will naturally develop views about it. And they consider it more truthful to express those views than to suppress them in the name of objectivity."

TIME raises the very important point about blogger credibility. What many bloggers do not realize is that once you post something that is not true, most will unsubscribe, while others will question everything that you write. I think that credibility will become something that bloggers have to earn.  Personally I am looking forward to the day that bloggers are held accountable for their comments.


Converts MySQL databases to RSS feeds, based on administrator queries. The new script allows administrators control the contents of the resulting feeds based on their queries and parameters. More on SQL2RSS

Google News Goes To Court

It appears Google is defying Belgium's court order to post a recent court ruling that said the Internet search engine to stop publishing content from Belgian newspapers without permission or payment of fees.

It will be very interesting to see how this ruling and Google's actions will influence the Internet and cross border copyrights.

Full Article

It appears Google had a change of heart -

Google Inc. on Saturday published on its Belgian website a court order which forbids the Internet search engine to reproduce snippets of Belgian press on its news amalgamation service.

The move constituted a u-turn as Google had said on Friday that it would not comply with the court order despite facing a fine of 500,000 euros ($640,900) daily if it did not publish the ruling.

Full Article

Cardinal Blogging

Looking to marry the Roman Catholic Church's 2,000 year history with the modern world's technology, Boston's Cardinal Sean O'Malley on September 21st became the first U.S. cardinal to launch a blog.


New Feed Mailer service. Register, add feeds then receive feed updates via email.

Rok Hrastnik

Rok Hrastnik is a prolific writer and has articles published on RSS. We have posted Rok's bio to give readers insight into Rok's background.

RSS Guts

Have you ever considered using all the less popular RSS tags, but never really understood what kind of value to enter? The following guide will assist you in determining which tags are valid, and what the content of tags should contain.

RSS Security Summations

RSS Security Collection is an aggregated group of articles and random links related to security and RSS. The resource collection compiles all of the articles related to security and RSS.

Sharon Housley

We are working on creating bios of some of the authors that provide educational articles related to RSS. The first author bio posted is for, Sharon Housley.

Sharon Housley has been in the computer industry since 1989. Read Sharon Housley's  bio.

We will work to expand the biographies on the website, and include other authors whose articles are posted in the educational articles section of the RSS Specifications website.


Housing and Urban Development (aka HUD) now has an RSS feed that will alert users of the latest in fair housing news. The RSS feeds allow a subscriber to get up-to-date information about specific topics from websites such as The feeds give headlines, a summary of the article and a link to more in-depth information.


A new online tool is very cool for creating RSS buttons, create one button, for all XML/RSS readers.When you mouse over the created button a drop down list of all the different readers subscription buttons appear.

RSS and Podcasting Knowledgebases

There are two relatively new knowledgebases, one focussed on RSS the other about podcasting. New questions and answers are posted every few days. Feel free to submit questions.

RSS Knowledgebase | RSS Knowledgebase Feed
Podcasting Knowledgebase | Podcasting Knowledgebase Feed

Submit RSS Feeds

If you don't wish to tackle the list of RSS Search Engines or Directories you can use any of the following tools for submission.
FeedShot - web based RSS submission service, the free basic service is disabled but you can do a fee based submission for $ 1.99.
RSS Submit - desktop software for continuous submissions.
SubmitRSSFeed  - web based submission service.

A Warning to All Webmasters About RSS

This article was syndicated to SiteProNews and is really quite good, while its presented with a tinge of humor the point is dead-on.

RSS is fast becoming an obsession for me.

I didn't plan for it to be that way. It just happened. I have been interested in RSS for a couple of years now but it was only around this time last year that I started taking a serious look at this little syndication standard that's changing how we communicate on the web. Really Simple Syndication. Simple phrase but it changes everything.

A Gentle Warning About RSS

Mobile RSS Taking Flight

There seems to be lots of activity in the mobile RSS space. A number of new RSS readers for mobile phones are out, this is the most recent mobile reader launch:

iMobileLife - This application is an RSS reader for S60 phones

10 Tips for RSS

These are great tips for RSS.

1. Use RSS as an End User First
2. Make an RSS Plan
3. Make a List of RSS Marketing Requirements.
4. Choose a Tool To Create Feeds That Fits with Strategy
5. Promote RSS Through Existing Channels
6. Promote Through External Channels
7. Allow Syndication
8. Understand RSS
9. Combine Technologies
10. Consider Market Research

Full Article

Feeds That Matter - A University Project

Feeds That Matter was developed out of a real need to find interesting, high quality feeds for a given topic.

By analyzing the data on BlogLines and combining merging folders that are very similar, they have come up with an automatic way of creating a taxonomy of popular topics that make it easy to find feeds that are most relevant to that topic. There are about 83K publicly listed users on bloglines and they have a combined 2,786,687 feed subscriptions. Roughly 35% of these publicly listed users organize their feeds into folders.This information is the basis for Feeds That Matter.

In addition to the Feeds That Matter data they also provide some interesting statistical information related to blogs/RSS.


SpeedyFeed appears to be a way to share favorites with others. The seem to have meshed social-bookmarking and RSS into a web-based tool.

Blog Slander

The headline: Involved In A Landmark Blog Case - Slander In Comments

"I am sorry I have to be so vague but it appears that I am going to be deposition and logs from my blog will be subpoena for use in a case where 1 person slandered another on my blog. Anyway it looks like 1 of the people is seeking damages for what the other said on my blog."

- RSS Specification Feed created by FeedForAll

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RSS to html script to display RSS on a website.

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Record and edit audio files with software.

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